Carpets & Flooring

Flooring can make or break a space!   Carpets come in a wild variety of colours and patterns, do you dare to be different?See below for a brief on each option.  Don't panic, we will help choose the best style, and type for your environment.

Carpet Tiles

The standard choice for most commercial areas.  However, carpet tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns!Its worth noting the varying types too, with some ideal for under chairs with castors and others not so!

Vinyl & LVT

Hard wearing and cleaning is easy with Vinyl or LVT.Vinyl requires a good subfloor, normally this requires a 5mm ply layer and screed.
LVT, similar to carpet tiles can be laid straight to computer flooring.


Within WC's or shower rooms, other than vinyl, this is the only real choice!Not ideal for use within offices, however it is the floor of choice for most retailers


Laminate, Engineered and Real Wood flooring are always an option.

Something Different

If you want something totally out there and different there is a number of options available to you, like Astroturf

Rubber Tiles

When it comes to working with electrical items etc, rubber maybe the right option.It is also great for office gyms and work out areas.