Partitioning & Drylining

Our expert team love nothing more than building new partitions!  We work with a number of suppliers to ensure we use the very best materials and great prices!  Not all walls come straight either, have a look below and let you imagination run wild!!

A slideshow of some of the different finishes and styles of partitioning available...


Tape & Jointed

The most common option for finishing new partitions and dry wall applications! It involves filling the abutments using filler, sanded down flush and then decorated.


Plastering your new walls can be the option of choice for some.  It is more expensive, however it is the best finish available and can be a little messy.


The quickest and simplest way to 'joint' plasterboard walls. It involves a metal trim being mechanically fixed between boards.  Great for those who like to move the walls around in their office as it is fully demountable!


Bright Colours

Colours to match anywhere! For commercial environments, we recommend Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

Dark Shades

Grey's are in right now, it may feel dark but gives a real feel of elegance and professionalism.

White or White

There is more shades of white that you can shake a stick at!